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About Green Chem Consultants Inc.

Green Chem Consultants Inc. is solely a custom formulation company that provides customized Macro and Micro nutrient formulations based on your soil testing and tissue sampling results. We work closely with crop growers and their agronomist to develop customized hydroponic solutions that is specific to the crops grown and soil’s need(s). The customized formulations adds value to the foliar crop input needs of farmers. By utilizing the plant’s unique ‘blue print for growth‘, our liquid formulations will provide the land and the crop with the right amount of nutrients it needs to enhance crop growth. We custom blend high quality products according to the soil’s need because we understand formulating & the chemistry of nutrient interactions.

Our company is the first of its kind that provides only precision custom formulations based on what your plant needs at different stages of growth. We don’t have  ‘broad spectrum’ products because we believe that crop inputs should not be static.  All crop inputs (especially foliar crop health inputs) should be determined by prevailing environmental and soil conditions which differ each year and across each field. As an elite crop grower, your unique condition(s) determines our formulation. Our Biochemist and certified crop science consultant ensures that the right nutrients in the right concentration is applied at the right timing using our proprietary Growth Guidance technology chart.

At Green Chem Consultants Inc., we believe that for micro solutions, the last hurdle to effective utilization of foliar products is a quality formulation that has good appearance, is non-precipitating, has a long shelf life and a consistent guaranteed analysis.  This is why decades of formulation analysis and research has gone into the products that has turned Green Chem Consultants Inc. into one of the formulation leaders and a preferred formulator for growers of any scale across North America. We are renowned for innovative solutions in all our fields of expertise.

The convergence of formulating technology and expertise has made it possible to develop advanced applications of specialized micronutrients. Hence, we are poised to leverage the current technology in providing quality formulation services to a variety of crop growers and industry experts at a cost effective pricing.