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Customized Fertiliser Manufacturing

Nowadays, most farmers are going for customized fertilizers as this is the best way to achieve balanced plant nutrition. Customized fertilizers are based on the scientific plant nutrition principle.

We sell and distribute customized fertilizer products and agricultural chemical materials with the added advantage of providing the best nutritional package for premium quality plant growth and yield.

Customized fertilizers also provide balanced crop nutrition to the soil and boost the productivity of crops thereby improving the overall quality of the yield.

These fertilizers are made out of micro and macro nutrients that is required by most crops. They have been developed on the basis of crop and water soil sample analysis.

Customized fertilizers also promote sustainable agriculture by maintaining soil health and providing the best nutritional package for better plant growth and premium quality output. The fertilizers help in correcting the nutrient imbalance in the soil that is sometimes caused by prolonged inadequate and indiscriminate use of routine fertilizers.

With customized fertilizers, it is much easier to enhance crop productivity with better benefit-cost ratio.