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Our Mission

” To develop cost effective protocols and customized crop health formulations that improves the quality of crops and maximizes returns in crop growing operations by leveraging  a deep familiarity with crop growers requirements”

Who We Are:  We are a manufacturer of customized crop-health formulations, in Regina, SK. We customize solutions for you and your farm from scratch based on agronomics and economics.


What We Do: We work directly with crop growers, and their agronomists to offer crop health therapy formulations. With the use of soil sampling and tissue testing, we are able to customize a product that will deliver a precise formula, at the right time. We work with your existing operation, which means no extra spray-pass is required. Our formulations will work with your existing equipment and the crop protection products you use. We make us of the raw materials from the right source and ensure they are applied are the right timing and concentration based on your soil and crop needs.


What We Can Do For You: We customize all our own crop-health formulations, specific for your needs. We offer  formulations with rates starting from $2.50/acre. We have cost effective options from seed treatment all the way through to fungicide timing application. Our formulations are user friendly and can be tank-mixed with most crop protection product. Plus, we have crop-health formulations that can be used in organic production.