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David O. Okoro

GreenChemCanada Inc. is a leader in specialty plant nutrition that offers innovative solutions for fertilization of canola. Based on our understanding of the plants ‘blueprint for growth’ highly-efficient liquid custom formulations are formulated to meet the soil’s nutritional requirements and the crop’s growth needs at different stages of the plants growth circle. GreenChemCanada Inc. formulations improve plant nutrition, enhance application efficiency and maximize grower’s profits, while minimizing the harmful environmental impacts of chemicals.

Its has never been easier to grow better canola crops with GreenChemCanada’s all inclusive Growth Guidance foliar crop health inputs.

Foliar Nutrition

Plants can absorb nutrients through the leaves and roots. Thus, foliar application of the correct nutrients in relatively low concentrations at critical stages in crop development will contribute significantly to improved crop quality.

Foliar nutrition with GreenChemCanada’s Customized formulae has been proved beneficial in a variety of crops, including canola, cereals, pulse, hay, and many others.

Customized Nutritional Solution for Canola

GreenChemCanada Inc. SmartBoost Canola™ foliar formulae have been specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements of Canola. It all starts with your Soil Testing report!!! We work closely with the farmers and their Agronomist to come up with a customized formulation specifically to compensate for what the soil test indicates that the soil is deficient in. We also put into consideration factors that causes crop stress, to determine the best formulation to meet the cropping needs of individual farmers.

One size doesn’t fit all! When supplying the plants with co-factors responsible for the proper regulation of plant growth hormones responsible for the growth of crops at different growth stages. Later in the cropping season, tissue sampling is carried out to help us understand what the plant is able to absorb/what it needs.

Instead of applying the industry standard broad spectrum fertilizer, SmartBoost Canola™ nutritional program provides a precise & balanced composition of Macro nutrients, enriched with the right concentration of micro-nutrient (plant growth regulator co-factors) based on your soil testing report and our experience on the unique blueprint for growth of Canola. To enhance its efficiency, SmartBoost Canola™ contains a special adjuvants for better retention to the leaf surface (without causing damage). This leads to improved absorption without the issues of leave burn.

Time of application: At any pass. We make it work with your existing operations!!!


Benefits of Growth Guidance™ Nutritional Program on Canola

  • Reduce wastage of nutrients. You only apply what your soil/plant tissue says it needs.
  • Enhance quality of crops even during drought.
  • Cost effective pricing of our products helps growers maximize returns.
  • Improved disease resistance.

David O. Okoro

Foliar feeding is a proven efficient method of curing plant nutrient deficiencies and boosting plant development at specific physiological stages. In this method of plant fertilization nutrient solutions are sprayed directly on the plant leaves. Foliar feeding can provide the nutrients and external plant growth hormones required for normal development of crops in cases where absorption of nutrients by the roots system is suboptimal.

Certain plant growing stages are of higher importance in determining the final yields. Foliar feeding with fully water-soluble fertilizers at these critical stages dramatically increases yields and improves yield quality. As uptake of nutrients through the foliage is considerably faster than through roots, foliar spray is also the method of choice when rapid correction of nutrient deficiencies is required.

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David O. Okoro

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