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Nolan Nykolaishen- Kamsack,Sk

“We Foliar applied GreenChemCanada’s customized formulations at different stages on over 30,000 acre of land used to grow wheat and Canola respectively. To say the least, I am happy with our decision and the ROI. Each formulation was customized to suit my existing application passes so no extra pass was required. Every application pass was a  systematic approach used to compensate for what the soil/crop needed to overcome the drought of the 2015 growing season. More so, I didn’t have to pay for nutrients my crops didn’t need so, it was cost effective for me. The liquid was very easy to handle (non-precipitating) and was compatible with my herbicides & fungicides (no gelling in the chem handler). I was also impressed with the customer service offered and proactive thinking shown by the GreenChemCanada team. Even before I carried out my tissue sampling, they knew what my crops needed based on the prevailing environmental stress conditions and the appropriate crop health formulations was delivered just-in-time. I will be using GreenChemCanada’s customized approach for my next seasons cropping needs and I  would recommend their protocol to farmers who would like to farm differently. With the results I saw this year, I believe we can build more bushels with GreenChemCanada’s customized protocol”